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Could you dream of a life, which is full of happinass and energy, in a world, where gravity does not exist? A world, where every step gets you in fabulous places, moves you smoothly like the wind and crosses your path with wonderful people? Now you can experience something, that was only a dream untill now... Now, with Kangoo Jumps, you know that you are free, that nothing is unattainable, and how your Body, your Soul is in harmony with no effort. Safe, stable and easy to use by anyone, aged between 6 and 90. Anywhere in the gym or outdoors "easily adaptable" and durable. N.A.S.A: "Exercises with jumps are the most efficient and util exercises ever invented by man."

KJ XR-3 Boots

Kangoo Jumps XR3 boots are the most sought after boot model by our customers. The boots are perfect for indoor or outdoor training.The boots are designed for all levels of physical training, for any age and most importantly, they are very easy to use.The main benefit of KJ boots is to reduce the impact with the ground (up to 80%), thus protecting the joints during running and jumping.

KJ PR7 Boots

KJ boots that entered the Guinness Book of Records at #OraDeAbaterecordul.Boots with a hard and durable coating, equipped with a comfortable, removable lining that can be washed in the washing machine at 30 ° C. The ice is equipped with a pair of steel springs for body weight resistance.

KJ Power Shoe Boots

Kangoo Jumps Power Shoe are for children. They can be used for training in the gym or outside and offer additional benefits for the little ones. They are very easy to use and are recommended from the age of 5, more precisely the child should weigh at least 18 kg. They can be used up to a weight of 45 kg.

Kangoo Club Team


Kinga Sebestyén

CEO Kangoo Club

Inventor of rehabilitation programs on rebound boots

Founding member of KAPO-health on boots

Guinness Book of Records

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Ildikó Marica

+40 747 180 022

Kangoo Jumps

Trainer & amp; Presenter

Head of Kangoo Jumps Instructor Courses

Kangoo Jumps event manager

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