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I am a National Trainer Coordinator and Distributor of Kangoo Jumps with exclusive rights in Romania, Bulgaria, Sweden and Serbia. I have been an instructor of aerobics, fitball and pilates for 25 years,  lector of Romanian Sport Federation, certified personal trainer, nutritionist and have extensive experience in working with kids that needs fitness. I always considered sport and fitness my life which I’ve show in the past years with Kangoo Jumps. It has given me the satisfaction of seeing people change for the better and for a healthier life. I was 20 years old when I discovered my love for fitness and since then I never stopped. If you ask me how much I like this sport, I can say that I am very passionate about it and that I practice it with all my heart. Besides my fitness life I am a proud mother of my daughter Sugarka (24) and my son Alex (21). Sugarka became a successful Kangoo Jumps Instructor not long ago and Alex graduated college and now helping me with running my business.

With Kangoo Jumps I want to help people in need and this is why we organized the charity event called Kangoo Jumps for Life. With the help of M.A.M.E. Association of Romania, we raised funds for children suffering from cancer. I like to bring joy to my classes and I am doing everything I can to make my clients forget about their everyday problems. I want everyone to loosen up, have fun and get fit.

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