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Kangoo Power
Kangoo Jumps educational programs.

Kangoo Power

Kangoo Power is an explosive, highly motivating program, specifically designed to challenge the whole body by building muscular strength and cardio-respiratory endurance simultaneously. Each movement is designed to focus on core stability, ensuring a balanced workout that will challenge even the fittest. Basic moves are easy to follow and can be performed with growing complexity and intensity, as you progress. This program suits a broad range of class attendees regardless of fitness level, It is also great for athletes, due to its use of plyometric explosive techniques, using Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes to maximize effort, while preventing damaging impact to the joints.


What is plyometric training?

Kangoo Power Program utilizes basic leg movements executed with compression, followed immediately by propulsion taught to music. When compression is executed just prior to propulsion, it is called plyometric. Plyometric activity enables a muscle to reach maximum force in the shortest possible time. Plyometric training produces fast powerful movements, enhancing the neuromuscular system.

Plyometric movements involve 3 phases.

The pre-stretch: This is the eccentric phase of the movement. The muscle is lengthened just prior to execution, thus storing elastic energy. The greater the stretch prior to contraction, the greater the load the muscle can lift (think about a rubber band).

The amortization phase: This is the brief period between the end of the pre-stretch and the beginning of the concentric contraction. The shorter this phase is, the more powerful the subsequent muscle contraction will be.

The contraction: This is the final phase, when the stored elastic energy is released.

This sequence of movements is referred to as the “stretch-shortening cycle”. It utilizes stretch reflex, one of the quickest reflexes of the human body.

Under normal circumstances and in order to be effective, plyometric training must contain numerous contractions that require maximal effort. This can lead to overtraining. Because Kangoo Jumps reduce up to 80% of the shock of impact, one can safely train more often with less chance of injury.

Kangoo Power Online Workshop:

  • General information about the workshop:

The Kangoo Jumps instructor workshop has 2 parts: 1 online and one live. The live part, which consists of a 2 day live meeting and exam, is not mandatory, but our instructors find that it makes a big difference in their training to participate in a live workshop as well. However, if the candidate cannot participate in the live workshop, she/he can still finish the course and get certified online.

The online part has 7 Chapters, which are covered in 7 weeks in 1 Zoom meeting/week. The online meetings can last from 30 to 60 minutes. During the meetings we only do theory and discuss the practical part. The actual practice is done in each candidate’s free time (in the form of HomeWorks, which we will again discuss at the next Zoom meeting). You will receive video and audio materials which will help you complete the practical exercises. You will receive guidance and feedback during the weekly Zoom meetings.

For the theoretical part you will receive 2 manuals and our 7 Chapter Online Workshop Notes to make studying easier.

  • Workshop fee:

The cost of this workshop is 300 euros.

  • Prerequisites:

To register for this workshop, you need an aerobic instructor certificate or a diploma from the University of Physical Education.

If you do not have any of these, we can offer you a basic aerobic training online. This will help you understand the basics of group fitness exercises in order to be able to follow the Kangoo Jumps instructor workshop. This basic aerobic workshop costs 260 euros and it has 5 Chapters that are covered in 5 weeks (with 1 weekly meeting).

  • Schedule:

The best part about these online workshops is that you can register any time. You will start the workshop individually, having 1 individual meeting / week with the trainer. After a few meetings you will be added to a group of future instructors that have similar skill sets and knowledge.

  • Payment methods:

You can pay via bank transfer integrally or in 2 instalments. The first instalment right before starting the online workshop, the second 1 month after the first.

  • Registering:

You can register for this workshop by writing us an email or a whatsapp message with your details: name, email, phone number and address.

After this we will send you the invoice for the workshop. After payment we can already schedule the first meeting.


  • 2 year Kangoo Power Silver license valid internationally.

 More information and subscribe: +40747180022 or


Kangoo Dance
Kangoo Jumps educational programs.

Kangoo Dance

Kangoo Dance is a safe, energetic, fun and motivating aerobic program taught to music, for all ages and fitness levels. The program is functional and teaches participants effective jump techniques for enhanced enjoyment while preventing injury due to bio-mechanical stress. It offers more benefits than any other popular group fitness program because Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes act as a shock absorber to reduce impact, when compared with traditional aerobic activities performed in conventional shoes. The rebound shoes generate a trampoline-like feeling of weightlessness that not only increases the Fun-Effect, but more importantly decreases joint stress. Forget other forms of aerobics, with high impact moves that can damage and jar your joints, all in the name of fitness. Do all your favorite dance moves with Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes, and discover the wonders of rebounding!


Kangoo Dance Silver

This workshop consists of 1 day of practice and education. It is recommended for the group exercise instructor interested in combining cardio-respiratory activity with the low impact benefits of Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes. The candidate must pass a practical and written test to obtain a license at the end of the 1-day workshop.


  • Hold a valid group fitness instructor qualification that includes exercise to music (AFFA, ACE, EHFA, ESFA, FEEPYF etc.)
  • Experience teaching group movement to music.
  • Recommended prior experience using Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes.


  • 2 year Kangoo Dance Silver license valid internationally.
  • AFAA #2014120A 4.75 CEU’s

Standard training fee: 190$ / 160€

More information and subscribe: +40743192870 or


Kangoo Boot Camp
Kangoo Jumps educational programs.

Kangoo Boot Camp

Kangoo Boot Camp is a military style, activity based training program for group fitness instructors and personal trainers. It can be organized to accommodate one, two or twenty people. Classes can be held inside or out and can accommodate all fitness levels.

Intervals of running and/or drill style aerobic activity interspersed with conditioning exercises make up the base of this workout. This format improves muscle strength and endurance as it improves cardio-respiratory fitness. It can be a valuable cross training tool that improves fitness level as it reduces the rate of injury and improves exercise adherence by reducing boredom.

Depending on the fitness level, terrain challenges and/or plyometric conditioning activities can be added as an additional challenge. Because this fitness program usually takes place outdoors, environmental changes such as weather and temperature vary with each session. These variations can be used to the advantage of the instructor to add variety to each and every class.

Unlike Kangoo Power and Kangoo Dance, Kangoo Boot Camp does not require the coordination skills for exercise to music and does not need any space at a gym as the classes mainly go outdoors. In addition, Kangoo Boot Camp is a great advertisement tool.


Kangoo Boot Camp Silver

This workshop consists of 1 day of practice and education. It is recommended for group exercise instructors and personal trainers interested in combining strength and conditioning exercise with the low impact benefits of Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes in a circuit training format, indoors or out. The candidate must pass a practical and written test to obtain a license at the end of the 1-day workshop.


  • Hold a valid group fitness instructor or personal trainer qualification (AFFA, ACE, EHFA, ESFA, FEEPYF, etc) 


  • 2 year Kangoo Boot Camp Silver license valid internationally.
  • AFAA #2014120B 7 CEU’s

Standard training fee: 190$ / 160 €

More information and subscribe: +40743192870 or

Kangoo Discovery
Kangoo Jumps educational programs.

Kangoo Discovery

Kangoo Discovery Program has been developed specifically for young people, of all ages above 5 years. Classes are designed to build coordination, endurance, good body posture, and self-image. They help to target and prevent childhood obesity and aid in combating the stresses that children of today face. With Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes, children turn negative energy into positive, in a fun and enjoyable workout that will challenge both body and brain in the most interactive, innovative ways.

Kangoo Discovery is an easy, basic program for schools and fitness organizations that challenges the children’s creativity by including funny games and exercises that keep the class highly motivating from beginning to end. The program is appropriate for fitness instructors, physical education teachers and anyone involved in sports activities for children.

Kangoo Discovery, especially in fitness organizations, can be adapted using simple choreographies, which will assist young adults with the transition to adult group fitness classes.


Kangoo Discovery Silver

Acest workshop este format din 1 zi de practică şi educaţie. Este recomandat pentru profesori de educaţie fizică, iThis workshop consists of 1 day of practice and education. It is recommended for Physical Education teachers, Fitness Instructors or any professionals working with children and teens to help fight childhood obesity and promote a healthy lifestyle. The candidate must pass a practical and written test to obtain a license at the end of the 1-day workshop.


  • Hold a valid group fitness instructor, physical education school teacher or a specific sport teacher qualification to work with children/teens under the age of 18 
  • Hold a valid KJ license in any KJ Fitness Program with prior experience teaching to children highly recommended.


  • 2 year Kangoo Discovery Silver license valid internationally.
  • AFAA #2014120B 5 CEU’s

Standard training fee: 190$ / 160€

More information and subscribe: +40743192870 or


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