There are 4 types of T-Springs:

  • XR – body weight up to about 75 kg
  • PRO 7 – body weight approximately 75-100 kg
  • PRO 6 – body weight over 100 kg
  • PowerShoe – designed for children with body weight up to 45 kg

For optimal results you need to change your springs after about 60-80 hours of use. Only with T-Springs that are in good condition you have the right rebound effect to protect your joints. It is important to take care of your rebound shoes for your health!

Used T-Springs can break, and when they fail in most cases, the shell (or shells) of the rebound shoes will also break. This way you will end up paying double or even triple for changing the T-springs + Shell(s). You can change a pair of XR T-Springs for 20 EUR (once in about 6 months) and enjoy the perfect functioning of your boots or risk breaking the T-Springs and Shells, which will cost you 40,75 EUR or even 61,50 EUR.

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