We have a guarantee of 12 months on the case, 90 days on the components and accessories, from the date on which the products were purchased, with the condition to respect all the recommendations on the maintenance and use.
The product purchased is not a long use product, and needs to be utilised and taken care of like stated in the maintenance recommendation. The guarantee is accorded to products which show deficiency from production or of material. The defects which appear after the physical use, in a normal utilisation, or in an inadequate utilisation, are excluded from the warranty. Medium endurance of use of the product is in conformity with the Directive of the European Parliament 1999/33/CE issued in may 1999.
The conformity guarantee accorded does not affect the rights conferred through the consumer’s rights, and is in concordance with the provision OG nr. 21/1992 on Consumers Protection, with the ulterior modification and the Act nr. 449/2003 after the Romanian Law system.


Money return on product/products
Replacement of the product with an another product
Price reduction depending on the nature of the calitative deficience.


In the case, when you want to change a product, you can do this in 14 days from the date you purchased it. For the resolution of the change, please present the product, completely, new, in the original package, with the afferent labels.
Worn/used products are excluded from the product replacement, no matter the times they were worn/used.

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