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It is time to celebrate the end of the “KAPO – #OraDeAbaterecordul” project with the official confirmation of the entry in the Guinness Book, of the largest class of kangoo jumps, an event that took place on October 13, 2019, in Unirii Square in Oradea.

Confirmation was made based on the lesson plan, location map, official observer reports and technical staff recordings, footage, photos, etc.

The active participation of the 1657 people made it possible to significantly exceed the record previously held by Germany.

An event of such magnitude designed by the KAPO team: Kinga Sebestyen, Alin Iova, Pusa Maria Farcas and Olivia Ligia Burta (the four names being inscribed on the event diploma, along with the names of Oradea and Romania) could be organized with the involvement of numerous prestigious institutions / organizations at local and national level, of the written press, of televisions, of professional artists, of the KAPO family, professional artists, which can be found on the event poster! We thank the referees, timekeepers, volunteers and as the originality is one of the characteristics of the record, the entrance to the event was marked by the singing in the first audition of the Oradea anthem followed by the song of the Jdieri Brothers dedicated to the project “Clean boots, accelerate”. Today, at the end of the project, we pay tribute to all those who understood and believe in our message of life, in a healthy community. And how it is so beautiful not only to sing “WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD” but also to we are truly world champions, we promise you we will not stop here !!!

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