How to fix runner’s knee

🔅As spring makes its presence felt, many people take advantage of warmer temperatures and start or return to an outdoor exercise routine. However, this enthusiasm for sports can have an unfortunate consequence: the runner’s knee. This problem not only affects runners, but also those who do impact sports (football, tennis, basketball, skiing) or more sedentary people who do activities that involve prolonged knee flexion (bus drivers, etc.).
❓What are the causes of the runner’s knee?
It is an over-stress of the joint but there are favorable factors such as muscle imbalance, especially on the glutes (poor toning), incorrect biomechanics of the foot, training errors with changes in sports activity (sudden increase in running distance and of training intensity) or the use of a difficult training surface.
✅Kangoo Jumps offer solutions to all these problems:
📌 muscle toning
📌 correction of biomechanics (forcing the foot to step correctly)
📌 considerable reduction of the impact (up to 80%)
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